A short trip

The fastest and easiest way to see the Colosseum from Termini Station is the subway.

The metro station is just downstairs from the train tracks.

You can take the B line (blue), direction Laurentina, and get off at the Colosseum stop.

It is only two stops. The ticket price is about 1,50 Euro for one ride.

When you climb the stairs out of the Colosseum metro you can see the Colosseum framed in the doorway.

An exciting view, to say the least.

Anyway, everyone knows that the best way to visit Rome is on foot.

At every corner you can discover fountains, monuments and ancient churches.

It's not a long walk from Termini Station to the Colosseum: almost straight down Cavour street for about one mile.

Walk past the wonderful Santa Maria Maggiore basilica and a few more steps later you will be arrived at the old Roman neighbourhood called Suburra (Sub-Urbe).

There, you can start to see the mighty walls of the Colosseum.

From the main station...

Short Trip

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0p64kZ9KYE&feature=youtu.be" title="bakerboss-yt-short-trip" target="_blank">"Short Trip", from Baker Boss.

When you’ve finished visiting the Colosseum, you will need somewhere to eat.

Look for something good. Look for us. We are here for you, in via di San Giovanni in Laterano 64/66, between the Colosseum and the magnificent San Giovanni basilica.

We hope you can refresh and fortify yourselves with our delicious Pecorino Romano, just like the ancient legionaries.

Indeed, this salty surly cheese made from 100% sheep’s milk was a part of the staple diet of the Roman soldiers at war.

You can pair it with a glass of chilled white Malvasia Puntinata wine and fresh fava beans. Maybe even a bite of our homemade bread and a slice of pancetta (a sort of unsmoked bacon) on it.

In Rome, on the first of May, some families still eat 'fave e pecorino' during the traditional daily excursion 'fuori porta' (outside the walls).

Try them! We're sure you will come back here for more when in Rome.

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