Sign Language

Here is our latest "mixed-race" sandwich. Norwegian salmon, super squid-ink bread, red-skin native tomato, white mozzarella, Greek yogurt sauce, Martian purple & green salad! That's all. Does it seem little to you? It speaks all the languages of the world, from south to north and back again. Especially the sign language. For how can you talk while you eat? Because the language of taste has no boundaries!

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For those who are more daring, or love a bit exotic flavors, instead, we offer these wonderful savory croissants with turmeric and poppy seeds filled with aubergines, zucchini, red peppers and sauteed chicory.

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You speak to me

In sign language

As I'm eating a sandwich

In a small cafe

At a quarter to three.

But I can't respond

To your sign language.

You're taking advantage,

Bringing me down.

Can't you make any sound?

'Twas there by the bakery

Surrounded by fakery.

Tell her my story

Still I'm still there.

Does she know I still care?

Sign Language (Bod Dylan)